• Renewables & NRG Saving

  • Through our partnership with Grant Withers of Renew Energy Limited; NRG First provide a diverse range of renewable energy products and energy management monitoring and reporting services. 

    By embracing renewable technologies and integrating these into their energy mix, businesses are able to take greater control of their energy costs giving them a competitive edge in today's markets.

    Services Offered:

    1. Energy Audit & Monitoring 
      Further to a site survey and if desired the implementation of energy monitoring equipment you will receive important energy management information that will allow you to move towards becoming more efficient and reducing costs. 
    2. Solar PV 
      Rapidly becoming the leading renewable energy source in the UK with significant uptake from both the private and commercial sectors. Supported through the governments Feed in Tariff scheme, most systems will pay themselves off in around 5 to 7 years and provide significant returns on investment as well as reducing energy consumption; and if you don't wish to make the investment you can even get FREE solar, ask for more details. 
    3. Biomass Boilers 
      Burning wood pellets, chip or logs as opposed to traditional fossil fuels, this provides a very cost effective and carbon friendly heating alternative. Supported currently by the government Renewable Heat Incentive, users will be paid for the energy the generate, typically giving a 6 to 7 year payback and like solar a healthy return on investment. 
    4. LED Lighting 
      Most energy efficient and durable bulbs, reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs. 
    5. Infrared Heating Panels 
      As opposed to heating the air and space, infrared heats the surfaces and objects within a room instead, heating significantly less to generate the same effect, typically using 50% of the energy of traditional electric convection heaters.  

    For more detail on any of these products or to arrange a feasibility survey on your on site please call 01382 203400.